Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Business Books

Hello to all my faithful readers. I thought I would do a post pointing out some different places on the web with good analyses and reviews of business books. So.. without further ado, let's get to it:

Stock market books

I suppose everyone who would be a reader of this blog probably already has their list of favorites in terms of stock market books. To get another point of view, especially in foundational books about the fundamentals, check out this article about the best stock market book.

Using social media to your company's advantage

The book Trust Agents will soon be out. To get a picture of what that book is and what it purports to be able to do for your business's online reputation, check out this Trust Agents review.

Passive income

Elsewhere around the web, it is always good to get a little refresher on what exactly is passive income. Yes, stocks are one form. But there are other ways to get a nice "passive" cash flow coming in for work you're no longer doing. (Or never did in the first place.) Check out the article about Passive Income on Wikipedia.

Those should keep you reading for awhile. For my regular readers, I will soon be posting an article detailing how my Top 10 Stocks for 2009 picks have worked out thus far (vs. the sky-rocketing S&P over the same period).